The Persistence of Pixels

This is part 2 of my “Draft of an Introduction” about the process of writing (and starting). It might be a good idea to read the other post first.

Step 2 of 3 - Draft of an Introduction

I’m going to spoil the surprise and tell you what’s the point of this nonsense.

One of the best books I read about creativity is “Choreographer’s Handbook”. STOP dozing off! It is actually hardly about choreography at all. The author describes his creative process and says some really smart things like: “think of it as a draft”, “don’t be too serious”, “just start with something and polish it later”. So I am being a good student and following his advice. Just deciding to do it publicly–why waste used pixels or, God forbid, entire letters when I can use them all? Maybe someone can learn something from this–at first glance completely unnecessary–little series. Maybe you can see some interesting patterns thanks to my newly discovered pixel-resourcefulness.

Back to my task: “starting a blog” sounds like a massive one. “Writing down some of your thoughts” or “making a quick draft of one stupid post” suddenly makes it sound so easy. Process is my friend!

I just looked at what I wrote in Part 1. Sweet Jesus, I should definitely drop the part about how hard it is to pick the topic. Who cares? Half of you must be thinking: Just fucking DON’T! Or that part with painting the sky. WTF was that? Creative writing doesn’t have to be Jack Kerouac-like stream of consciousness. I’m in sweet love with chaos but I guess some structure won’t kill me.

Process is my friend. Structure is my friend. That was a repeating pattern
in everyone’s feedback.

Yo, Let’s Do This

Hey, this is new to me. I’ve written a lot in the past but mostly persuasive stuff. Marketing, sales, you know. It’s so much easier to write something when you have a clear objective in mind. You start with the good old AIDA structure (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), build up your paragraphs, proof read it, make it 50% shorter… and you’re done 2 hours later. Right, maybe do some A/B testing on the title. You don’t even need to have an opinion on, well, anything to do that.

[Notes] Say hello. Don’t make too big of a deal from the fact that it’s a new blog/context, it’s only new for you. It might be a bad idea to start with excuses. Mention what you’re going to write about + how often you will hit “Publish”. It sounds lame but this is what people expect to read in an introduction.

I Have a Draft!

Well, in some form. It’s still lame. But if the sheer intention was to write, it’s a success. It was a great warm-up and I posted something! The next iteration will be about something. I hope you stick around to read it.

I’m pressing “Cmd A”, “Delete” but apparently not hard enough to delete the most persistent pixels.


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