I dream big and I laugh a lot. And I’m fascinated by patterns.

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Entrepreneurs Fear More

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Ever since I watched this TED talk by Karen Thompson, who’s making an attempt to demystify fear, it wouldn’t leave me alone. She claims that we should not only listen to our fears but actually welcome them (yes!). It’s fascinating.

I’ll start by saying that fear is something I experience A LOT. I’m an entrepreneur and a recent Y Combinator alum with both successes and failures on my account. And still a lot to prove. I’m also an extreme sports enthusiast (free-skiing, snowboarding, ex-instructor) who loves challenges, velocity and adrenaline and who is pushing her limits, sometimes at the risk of getting injured. Finally, I’m a performer with ambitions to one day be a decent contemporary dancer. I’m learning how to be vulnerable on stage, in front of strangers. It’s probably the thing that freaks me...

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The Persistence of Pixels

This is part 2 of my “Draft of an Introduction” about the process of writing (and starting). It might be a good idea to read the other post first.

Step 2 of 3 - Draft of an Introduction

I’m going to spoil the surprise and tell you what’s the point of this nonsense.

One of the best books I read about creativity is “Choreographer’s Handbook”. STOP dozing off! It is actually hardly about choreography at all. The author describes his creative process and says some really smart things like: “think of it as a draft”, “don’t be too serious”, “just start with something and polish it later”. So I am being a good student and following his advice. Just deciding to do it publicly–why waste used pixels or, God forbid, entire letters when I can use them all? Maybe someone can learn something from this–at first glance completely unnecessary–little series. Maybe you can see some interesting...

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Draft of an Introduction

The Excitement

I get to write WHATEVER I want? ABOUT whatever I want? All those things I’m compulsively thinking of? This creative writing thing is so liberating! I can have full control over the sequence of letters your eyes are going to read? Pretty. Damn. Empowering.

Hello world! Hello, hello, indeed!

The Reality

What, restrictions? I can’t write about everything at once? Have to pick a universe, focus on something and limit the range of possibilities to a single coherent topic? It has to make sense? Jeeesus. No-one told me there would be rules. I thought I’d be making the rules. Where do you even start the shameful act of discriminating against your own ideas? Turns out creative writing is not liberating. It’s fucking confusing.

Let’s do this step by step.

Step 1 of 3 - Warming up for the Draft of an Introduction

I’m not sure if you’ve connected with what I wrote. If I have...

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